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Connecting GIS and Public Health: 2016 Regional Health Data Mapping Workshop

Written by: Trinadh Dontamsetti

27 Jul, 2016

In August, The DHS Program Geospatial team is hosting this year’s Regional Health Data Mapping Workshop in Accra, Ghana. The workshop will focus on the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) in public health, specifically using maps for better program and policy decisionmaking. This will be a basic workshop that introduces participants to data concepts […]

GIS Day 2015

Written by: The DHS Program

18 Nov, 2015

I love maps! They are a great way to understand and visualize data, especially when you are looking to understand how place might influence certain health behaviors or outcomes. Luckily, I spend my days here at The DHS Program preparing data for maps, making maps, talking about maps, teaching others to make maps, and thinking of […]

Linking DHS Data with Health Facility Data: Opportunities and Challenges

Written by: The DHS Program

22 Jul, 2015

For 30 years, The DHS Program has asked women hundreds of questions about their utilization of various health care services, including family planning, antenatal and delivery care, vaccination and treatment of sick children, malaria treatment, and HIV prevention and treatment. In 1999, The DHS Program started collecting facility-level data through the Service Provision Assessment (SPA) […]

GIS Resources at The DHS Program

Written by: The DHS Program

19 Nov, 2014

By Clara Burgert The first DHS survey to use geographic location data was the 1996 Benin DHS. At that time, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day didn’t even exist (it was first started in 1999)! But over the years, we’ve collected location data in more and more surveys—over 120 to date. Our offerings in terms of […]

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