High Demand for New India NFHS-4 Data

Written by: Fred Arnold

23 Feb, 2016

  Fact sheets with survey results for the first 15 of the States and Union Territories from the 2015-16 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) were recently released to much fanfare and a veritable feeding frenzy among the media. The keen interest in the survey results materialized even without a formal dissemination event. The thirst for […]

Celebrating 12 Years of Service with The DHS Program

Written by: Laurie Liskin

04 Feb, 2016

Laurie Liskin with the 2014 Kenya DHS team. From left to right: M.G. Obudho, Michael Musyoka, Sara Head, Laurie Liskin, John K. Bore, Andrew Imbwaga, A.A. Awes (back), Christine Mbuli, Rebecca Kiptui, James Munguti (back) After 12 years with The DHS Program, 58 trips to 17 countries, and almost 40 years in international development, I’ve […]

Video: Best of The DHS Program 2015

Written by: The DHS Program

07 Jan, 2016

Take a look back at the highlights of The DHS Program from 2015…   The DHS Program welcomed several new staff members: via GIPHY   We released two helpful tutorial videos on sampling and weighting DHS data: via GIPHY   33 South-to-South consultants from 23 countries played an integral role in capacity strengthening for all aspects of survey planning and […]

Engaging with DHS Data in Senegal

Written by: Sarah Balian

16 Dec, 2015

Days like today are why I love my job. “Thematic data use workshops are the most important part of the survey,” Fatou CAMARA, director of the Senegal Continuous Survey at l’Agence Nationale de la Statistique et la Démographie (ANSD), tells me over dinner. “They’re also my favorite,” she adds. I couldn’t agree more. It’s always […]

Global Health Gets Social

Written by: Sally Zweimueller

09 Dec, 2015

In 2012 when the Social Media for Global Health and Development working group started, many people were searching for some guidance on how to do social media for global health. The group started small with just a few interested organizations and has since grown to over 500 around the world. The need for social media […]

ASTMH 64th Annual Meeting: #IAmTropMed

Written by: The DHS Program

02 Dec, 2015

What do an Ebola treatment unit, the history of malaria in art, and malaria elimination all have in common? These were just some of the sessions available to participants of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) 64th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From October 25-29, 2015, three members of The DHS Program analysis group attended the conference to […]

GIS Day 2015

Written by: The DHS Program

18 Nov, 2015

I love maps! They are a great way to understand and visualize data, especially when you are looking to understand how place might influence certain health behaviors or outcomes. Luckily, I spend my days here at The DHS Program preparing data for maps, making maps, talking about maps, teaching others to make maps, and thinking of […]

Capacity Strengthening at Makerere University

Written by: The DHS Program

04 Nov, 2015

By Betty Kwagala Makerere University is one of the oldest Universities in Africa. Over the past 4 years, four teams of DHS Fellows (12 Fellows in all) have been selected from Makerere. Fellows have been drawn from School of Statistics and Planning, College of Business and Management Sciences and School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences. […]

Spotlight on Implementing Agencies: Cambodia

Written by: The DHS Program

28 Oct, 2015

Names: Phan Chinda, They Kheam, and Chhay Satia of the National Institute of Statistics/Ministry of Planning; Sok Kosal, Loun Mondol, and Lam Phirun of the Directorate General for Health/Ministry of Health; and Sarah Balian of The DHS Program Country of origin: Cambodia When not working, favorite place to visit: Lom Phirun: Washington, DC. What has been the nicest surprise […]

Three Perspectives on the DHS Fellows Program from 2015 Fellows

Written by: The DHS Program

21 Oct, 2015

  The DHS Fellows Program brings participants together to strengthen their individual analytical skills and to sustainably increase their university’s capacity for using DHS data. As this year’s Fellows Program drew to a close we asked three Fellows, Allen Kabagenyi (Makerere University), Simona Joseph Simona (University of Zambia), and Clara Ladi Ejembi (Ahmadu Bello University), […]

Anthropometry measurement (height and weight) is a core component of DHS surveys that is used to generate indicators on nutritional status. The Biomarker Questionnaire now includes questions on clothing and hairstyle interference on measurements for both women and children for improved interpretation.