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New IPUMS DHS Climate Change and Health Research Hub a Resource for Robust Climate Change Analysis

Written by: The DHS Program

22 Apr, 2024

April 22nd is Earth Day, an opportunity to reflect on how we affect the environment and how climate change affects us. Climate change has a broad spectrum of impacts on human well-being. Rapid onset events, such as floods, landslides, wildfires, and heat waves, can erode agricultural productivity, destroy shelter and infrastructure, and increase infectious diseases. […]

Linking Climate Change and Women’s Health using DHS Program Data

Written by: The DHS Program

21 Apr, 2023

April 22nd is Earth Day, when we take time to reflect on how our actions affect our planet. But how does our environment affect us? In an interview, Dr. Kathryn Grace details how she uses DHS Program data to explore the impact of geography and climate on women’s and children’s health outcomes such as fertility, […]