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Announcing the latest IPUMS DHS Research Awards!

Written by: The DHS Program

13 Jun, 2024

IPUMS DHS recently selected the 2023 winners of its Best Published Paper and Best Student Paper awards. Using source data from the public use files of The DHS Program, IPUMS DHS has created variables with consistent names and codes across samples, displays variable availability and information about each variable on its website, and allows registered […]

New IPUMS DHS Climate Change and Health Research Hub a Resource for Robust Climate Change Analysis

Written by: The DHS Program

22 Apr, 2024

April 22nd is Earth Day, an opportunity to reflect on how we affect the environment and how climate change affects us. Climate change has a broad spectrum of impacts on human well-being. Rapid onset events, such as floods, landslides, wildfires, and heat waves, can erode agricultural productivity, destroy shelter and infrastructure, and increase infectious diseases. […]

Linking Climate Change and Women’s Health using DHS Program Data

Written by: The DHS Program

21 Apr, 2023

April 22nd is Earth Day, when we take time to reflect on how our actions affect our planet. But how does our environment affect us? In an interview, Dr. Kathryn Grace details how she uses DHS Program data to explore the impact of geography and climate on women’s and children’s health outcomes such as fertility, […]

Reproductive Calendar Data Now Available in Easy-to-Use Format from IPUMS DHS

Written by: The DHS Program

20 Apr, 2022
Community health worker Agnes Apid (L) with Betty Akello (R) and Caroline Akunu (center). Agnes is providing the women with counseling and family planning information. The women are member of the Income generating activities Young Mothers Group that make fried cakes and sell them in the market. They can now be more financially independent and provide for their family. The program is supported by Reproductive Health Uganda, with the goal to empower the women in the group, and provide them with family planning information.

For many DHS Program surveys, interviewers collect reproductive calendar data from women of childbearing age. These retrospective data provide a month-to-month history of a woman’s reproductive events during the preceding five years. Researchers use the calendar data for many purposes, such as exploring the reasons for contraception discontinuation, identifying discrete clusters of women based on […]

IPUMS Announces Winners of the 2020 Global Health Research Awards

Written by: The DHS Program

26 May, 2021

Every year, hundreds of papers are published using DHS Program data. Datasets for individual DHS surveys are available for download from The DHS Program website by completing a simple registration form. Researchers and students can also access the IPUMS DHS data collection to facilitate comparative analysis of DHS Program data. Harmonized across time and space, […]