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Introducing the Revised Service Provision Assessment (SPA) 

Written by: The DHS Program

13 May, 2022

The DHS Program recently revised the Service Provision Assessment (SPA) survey questionnaires. The SPA is a health facility-based survey that collects information on Quality of Care (QoC), including physical and human resources, as well as the provision of evidence-based care and client-centered and respectful experience of care. All surveys supported by The DHS Program, the […]

Service Provision Assessments Shed Light on Health Facility Readiness to Control COVID-19

Written by: The DHS Program

27 May, 2020

Are facilities prepared to face infectious disease pandemics like COVID-19? A new fact sheet explores infection control and readiness in health facilities from seven Service Provision Assessments (SPA) conducted in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Nepal, Senegal, and Tanzania. The SPA collects information on the availability of different health services in a […]