Spotlight on Implementing Agencies: Niger

Written by: The DHS Program

09 Sep, 2014

In September 2013, The DHS Program welcomed visitors from Niger. This is the fifth in a series of interviews with visitors to DHS headquarters. Don’t read French? You can use the translate feature at the top of the page! Nom: MODIELI AMADOU Djibrilla, NOMAOU Abdou, OUMAROU Sani, JOHOA Méaki, Radjikou HASSANE Pays d’origine: NIGER Organisations: Institut National de la Statistique  (INS) et Coordination Intersectorielle […]

DHS eLearning Course Updated

Written by: Erica Nybro

19 Aug, 2014

How much can change in 4 years? I asked myself as I prepared to update the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS): Data Use eLearning course.  I thought I’d spend a day or two updating the links to reflect our new project name and websites, add a quick page on our new web tools and push out […]

The New DHS Program API: What Non-Developers Should Know

Written by: Erica Nybro

12 Aug, 2014

Don’t let the technical acronym scare you! While application developers and computer programmers are usually the direct users of APIs, the DHS API is a great tool for program managers and researchers. What is an API? An Application Programming Interface, or API, provides software developers with direct access to a database.  Developers can use the […]

Spotlight on Implementing Agencies: Mali

Written by: The DHS Program

06 Aug, 2014

In May 2014, The DHS Program welcomed visitors from Mali. This is the fourth in a series of interviews with visitors to DHS headquarters. Don’t read French? You can use the translate feature at the top of the page! Nom : , Institut National de la Statistique , Chef unité statistique, Ministère santé hygiène publique , Directeur adjoint cellule de la planification et de […]

Final #DHSWorldCup Bracket & Results

Written by: The DHS Program

14 Jul, 2014

Thanks to all who participated in the #DHSWorldCup! Here’s a final updated bracket – did you guess right? Germany won the FIFA World Cup…and Brazil scored the most points of any DHS team. Did you have any favorite moments? 

DHS Data: More than Demographic and Health Indicators

Written by: Mahmoud Elkasabi

08 Jul, 2014

In 2006, I was working as a sampling statistician at the Public Opinion Poll Center (POPC) in Egypt where I met Dr. Sahar El-Tawila.  I discovered that she had used 2005 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey data in a nontraditional way: to explore the differences between households that owned landline phones and households that did not. At the time, most survey […]

#DHSWorldCup – New Bracket

Written by: The DHS Program

27 Jun, 2014

The pool play has ended, and of the 9 DHS teams originally in the World Cup, 4 have made it to the next round: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Nigeria. Keep track of the #DHSWorldCup teams as they advance with this bracket!

#DHSWorldCup: Cameroon vs. Brazil

Written by: The DHS Program

23 Jun, 2014

Cameroon and Brazil play each other today at the World Cup. Here are some quick stats about the 2 countries. Pool play ends on Thursday, so this is the last comparison infographic we’ll share until we find out more about match-ups in the second stage of the World Cup!

Anthropometry measurement (height and weight) is a core component of DHS surveys that is used to generate indicators on nutritional status. The Biomarker Questionnaire now includes questions on clothing and hairstyle interference on measurements for both women and children for improved interpretation.